Web wallet error

hello I have a problem. I have 7000 rxc in the web wallet: rxc.crypto.ba. The problem is that it does not send to any exchange or other wallet. does nothing. what solution do you have? Cheers

Hello, sorry for late reply.

Please provide me with your username to check what is going on :slight_smile:


Well, the 7000 rxc from my rxc.crypto.ba web wallet have disappeared.

hehe dont worry, im reindexing entire wallet to check what is going on!

P.S: you will never lose those 7k RXC!

you advise boss, I want to send it to whitebit

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Please provide me with some transaction IDs of where you aquirred RXC.

RXC TXid: 6583161f9808de4cf80a1b75fd8729a5ec09ed120aa134e6776034d9934b70a0
RXC TXid: b3b116443e5fb1229fc3b0d0df6d5e60a59374f2f5965b99896de54d0888c68a

Thanks :slight_smile:
I have sent you private msg with CODE that you will activate on Whitebit and get your 7.000 RXC

OK thank you

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Hello, how’s it going? Is there any other pool apart from 0769 and crypto.ba? Cheers

There are only two mining pools, but we can open new one if needed.