SatoshiVPN - Private & Anonymous VPN Server

VPN koji omogućuje plaćanje u Bitcoinu, dnevno 0.99$

Don’t compromise when it comes to your privacy

SatoshiVPN is designed to ensure your privacy and anonymity on the web.

Complete privacy
Pay anonymously with Bitcoin. No user registration required.

Data security
Outline encrypts all your data using a 256-bit cipher.

Unblocked access
Gain access to censored content by browsing from the location of your choice.

Faster connections
Unlike free VPN services, connection speed isn't throttled.

Affordable pricing
Try it free—then upgrade to a longer lasting server starting at $0.99 USD. 
Feature Description SatoshiVPN
Anonymous Use Can you use the VPN without revealing your identity? YES
Private Server Do you have exclusive access to the server? YES
No Logging Is logging of the VPN’s traffic disabled? YES
IP Refresh Does the service limit your usage of a single IP address? YES
Data Encryption Does the VPN encrypt all data to and from the server? YES
Open Source Can anyone independently review the VPN’s code? YES