Sapphire RX580 Nitro 8GB - Flashovanje - ETH 30 MH/s (ENG)

Sapphire Nitro (non plus) OC RX 480 8GB Micron Memory BIOS Mod and Flash

What i am using

Windows 10 PRO 64 
AMD Drivers 16.9.1 
Claymore’s Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner(Windows/Linux) 
Sapphire Trixx download here
Windows 10 tweaks for mining: tutorial here
Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) download here

1 Preparing the RIG, GPUs and Windows

If you had different driver versions installed instead on 16.9.1, use Display Driver Uninstaller to uninstall the current AMD Driver (use safe mode option) and then install the 16.9.1 one
Make sure you stop Sapphire Trixx, MSI Afterburner, Watttool or anything else related to overclock.. to start on windows boot, also reset to defaults clocks settings
Shutdown the rig and connect only one GPU (remove the gpus from PCI-e slots and leave only one connected with the 16 pci-e slot), we will be doing one gpu at a time, highly recommended
Power on the rig

2 Backup Original Bios

Extract atiflash to C:\atiflash
Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
Click Save button to backup the bios, give it a name like RX4808GBOCnonplusOriginal.rom, also you can create a separate folder for each card using the product numer like “14523” (check bottom of GPU and Box), in this way you will know from where to get the bios for each card
Close atiflash

3 Flash Modded Bios ROM

First download the modified BIOS from here (thanks to doktor83) :!QkhlEYZY!Q0pnpIIatV1PbNM6KbzPFAvlfdXDYKyGTpyVoPj2ytE
Copy the ROM to C:\atiflash folder
Run ATIWinflash.exe as administrator
Click Load Image and select the rom you just copied to atiflash root folder
Click Program button and wait for about 1 minute
Restart the rig when finishes to program the BIOS
Test the new BIOS with claymore on ethereum only using -benchmark 1, then test it with dual mining without -benchmark 1
Repeat the same process with all the GPUs