RXC Tabtrader API trade and RXC mobile Widgets

Let me introduce you to TabTrader app, that I’m using more than 5+ years, that have option to connect to many exchanges at same time via Exchanges API system.

In some simple steps i will show you how to connect TabTrader with WhiteBit APi so that you can trade RXC without even login to WhiteBit app.

First go and download TabTrader to your mobile phone (iOS/Android)


After you download app, go and add some altcoins that you you will trade and watch.

This is how my TabTrader looks like

As you can see, its very cool to have those mini charts, from where you can see trends, multiple prices from multiple exchanges, and you can connect to all of them and trade only from this app.

In this sample i will show you how you can connect WhiteBit exchange and trade RXC from TabTrader.

Go to Whitebit.com
Click on Account, then go to link API
Click on button image
You will see new created API that is not active yet, but we will get to that!

Next thing we will do is click on “Endpoint access restrictions” where we will enable this API ONLY for trade, this is very important as you don’t want to give API access to withdraw or something similar.

Enable all of these API endpoints, you can click on first and it will enable all of them at once


Then confirm with image

As you can see, we got API Key (public) and Secret key (hidden),

Then TabTrader, add RXC, then go to orders, click on any order and it will ask you to connect to WhiteBit account via API key and secret key, enter your API and Secret key from WhiteBit.

After that, Tabtrader will autoconnect to WhiteBit via API and you will be able to trade without login to WhiteBit every time.

IMPORTANT: Protect your TabTrader app, there is option Security / Application lock, that you can set PIN, so please do that, especially if you are gonna connect multiple exchanges at once.

One you are connected with WhiteBit with TabTrader, then choose RXC, go to orders, and click on any order where you will be prompted with this window where you can buy/sell RXC and modify limit prices, etc.

What i really like is this option to change order price -5% / -1% | +1% / +5% incrementals where you can easily set your sell orders for 1% or 5% profits.

I hope you guys will understand my tutorial, and if there is something you would like to add or remove, please just ask :slight_smile:

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Next thing im gonna cover, is RXC widgets (thanks @Logaut )

Thing is very simple, when you download WhiteBit app, it will automatically install Widgets to your phone, all you need to do is long press on your mobile screen and popup Widgets will appear, find WhiteBit, then choose what coin you want to show, in this case RXC.

WhiteBit mobile apps

imageimage or Direct Android APK

Same goes with Binance Widgets, same procedure.

After that, you will get something like this, real-time price tracker of RXC and any other crypto.

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