RXC Market worldwide

After some brainstorming, we concluded that we can bring RXC Market to world…

Lets use this thread, to do some brainstorming on ideas…

So first, we need admins for country’s!

So lets start

Bosnia and Herzegovina RXC Market admin

Germany RXC Market admin

Please let me know if you want to be your country’s admin, so that i can add it to list.

First that you need to do, its have international version of all site.

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Good one, for start i need a trusted ADMIN that will report to me, with these steps and updates, as i really don’t have time to go full on RXC Market.

So, who is interested to be my “right hand” on RXC Market ?

If you will give list of tasks, i can monitor all what you need

I could help with any thing which Doesnt need “IT know how”. If this isnt required as country admin i Would like to contribute as german Admin. Also i would Do any thing else which doesnt require IT know how.

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I’m raising the hand right here

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I’m volunteering as a tribute

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You sir are my right hand for RXC Market, do you accept your destiny ?

will you accept this nick viall GIF by The Bachelor

episode 1 hannah g GIF by The Bachelor

Devoting my time and energy to the community project for which I will not get paid nor receive any community gratitude but in stead setting myself up for criticism and disappointment?

Sure, sign me up boss

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hahahahahaah wel sir, what did you expect? money and fame :smiley:

I Love You Elf GIF by MOODMAN