RXC ASIC Mining (rent a hash)

Hey guys, in this topic i will explain you how you can mine RXC with rented ASIC hash rate.

First go and download RXC QT wallet (recommended) , or go to web wallet

ATM we are having problems with DNSSEED server, as it went crazy after update, so it might happen that your QT wallet wont connect to RXC network right from the start.

If your QT wallet wont find any peers, go to QT Console and type

addnode add
addnode add

After this, it will ill connect to RXC network and will sync blockchain!

Next thing is, request new deposit RXc adress for your mining, and copy it.

Go to miningrental website, and register account!

Send some BTC or some of the Altcoins that you can deposit and use that funds to rent rigs.

After you have deposited your funds, go to

And find ASIC that you want to rent, add RXC pool address

For ASIC miners you should use port 3256 so type


Enter your RXC QT Wallet address, so that mined funds will come to that wallet!

Thats it, if you have any problems just say.

Have fun.

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