PACcoin - rebirth

Ukoliko je neko kupovao PACcoine te ih držao na Cryptopia, neće trebati povlačiti na svoj wallet kako bi se uradio fork koji nadolazi.

Email koji je došao od Cryptopia

Dear Cryptopia Users,

You are receiving this email because you currently have a non-zero PACcoin balance or you have generated a PACcoin deposit address for your wallet.

Over the past month Cryptopia and the $PAC team have been working together to facilitate the PACcoin to $PAC RCO (Redemption Coin Offering). The original PACcoin has been completely reworked. This includes an algorithm change from SHA256 to X11 and a total supply reduction from 100 billion to 3.5 billion in circulation. As a result of these changes a hard fork will occur on March 1st.

More information about these changes can be found here:

Here’s how the swap is going to work:

• We will be halting the PAC/BTC market sometime in the next few days. If you haven’t cancelled any open orders by the time this happens then we will cancel them for you

• The old wallet will be decommissioned and replaced with the new $PAC wallet. While this is in progress we will be disabling deposits and withdrawals. Please DO NOT send any PACcoin to your Cryptopia wallet effective immediately.

• Any confirmed balance of PACcoin you have on Cryptopia will be swapped 1000:1 or 1000 current PACcoins for 1 new $PAC on the new blockchain.

• The new $PAC will be listed on Cryptopia once we have completed the balance transfers.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Cryptopia team

Da li ima neko zainteresovan da se udrzimo i da pokrenemo PAC masternode?

Cijena jednog PAC je 0.00000057 BTC

Ja i @darkKnight imamo 45.000 PAC

Fali nam jos 455.000 kako bi zapoceli node!

Ne bi bilo loše da se udružimo, jer PAC dev tim je uporan.$PAC_BTC$PAC/PACcoin