Ecoin - scam or not

Dobar, ako nije scam.

https://(izbrisan link, scam)

Ecoin is the first Crypto completely focused on Mass Adoption, with the easiest user onboarding system to date.

With 100k users in under one week, Ecoin’s unique AI system is capable of filtering fake emails from legitimate ones making it possible to have the biggest Airdrop there is, but come quickly, rewards will be lowered when milestones are reached.

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Ja mislim da je ovo scam.

Kolega @Cassius ti si ovdje dugo vremena, zar nisi primjetio “pattern” kad kažu da su “first” crypto …da uvijek završi na istom… scam

Ubuduće kad postavljate ovako nešto, tj. kad su velike šanse da je scam, nemojte postavljati link, pogotovo link sa REFF