Dent Coin - Sljedeci veliki kripto Coin

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Trenutna pozicija 70: Dent (DENT) Price: $0.024240 USD

DENT is a global company. It seeks to liberate the use of mobile data by enabling any person to sell or buy or even donate data using the now popular Ethereum blockchain. The developers of the currency want it to be the world’s global exchange eventually. DENT will make data pricing transparent and easy. This will increase the efficiency of purchase just as is the case in spots markets. One user will be able to exchange their package for a more suitable one especially because eSMSs are now more popular. This crypto will allow more people to engage via phone.

Over the past few years, mobile data has become very important and valuable. It’s a commodity that many people around the world rely on for their lives to be okay. Using the ecosystem of DENT, users are able to connect to one another using the Ethereum like blockchain. This way, users can sell or donate their mobile data allowances which have been unused.

A detailed video about DENT Coin:

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