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Siberian Chervonets (SIB)



Zanimljiv clanak, nije direktno upucen na sib, ali jes na local cc.



Roman, the evangelist of Sibcoin, is at the international conference on the Blockchain in Moscow ( now. He will be very glad with you to communicate and answer all questions tangently Sibcoin!


Top Exchanges Selected by Sibcoin



Third BlockChain Conference, hold you horses, Sibcoin is talking



Glasanje za povecanje koleteralnog ulaganja u sib MN na 2000 Sibcoin, razlog navodno sto vecina nodova trenutno rade na granici izdrzljivosti, ovako bi ostalo vise za VPS.


Glavni sponzor, ko ce nego SIBirka naša.



Evo i Alex da kaze nesto :smiley:


Ispunili su nam jednu zelju, sibcoin ubrzo dobija offline placanje :smiley:


Sibcoin can pay services to more than 60 thousand companies

Sibcoin community has presented new versions of wallets for mobile devices on iOS and Android, developed by service. Now the owners of Sibcoin have the ability to pay for any service connected to the BitPay, and this works with more than 60 thousand companies, including such large organizations as Microsoft, AirBaltic, PayPal, Shopify, GlobalPayments and others.

This became possible through the support of end-to-end payment of invoices in bitcoin using the BIP-70 protocol (used by Bitpay) in new versions of wallets. Conversion of Sibcoin in bitcoins takes several seconds. It is important to note that the support for BIP-70 provides even greater transaction security for network participants.

Alexander Novozhenov, head of the Sibcoin Foundation, said: “Sibcoin has earned confidence in the crypto community as a convenient and reliable payment tool. Our goal is to develop the product so that new technologies become available to as many people as possible.”


Do not miss out! Sibcoin Foundation invites you to the international Global Blockchain Summit 2018 on March 24 in Sochi: a summit is dedicated to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. The head of the Sibcoin Foundation - Alexander Novozhenov will make a report on the event.

In addition to Alexander’s report, which will be devoted to the creation of non-commercial funds around blockchain-products, cryptocurrencies and problems of altcoins and ICO projects, there will be a lot of crypto-investors and developers of blockchain-platforms at the the summit.

We will be glad to see you there, you can find like-minded people in Sibcoin chat in telegram and discuss the upcoming Summit!
March 24, Sochi, ILC “ROSE HALL”. (Krasnaya Polyana, settlement Estosadok, str. Naberezhnaya of Lavendy, 6, RU)


Za sve koji imaju interes da se Sibcoin listira na capitaldash, bacimo vote. A ostali, pogurajte nas, community nam ima 25k siba.


Sibcoin report!
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