Hat.Exchange Airdrop/Bounty za Beta testere aplikacije

HAT.Exchange je pokrenuo Airdrop and Bounty kampanju.

Ono što je najzanimljivije je Beta testiranje aplikacije.

Beta Testing Bonuses

The Beta Testers’ Group is one of our most valuable community resources. This group will be responsible for helping us resolve some of the more elusive bugs and stability issues. They will also act as a sounding board for many of our UX related functions. We want to make an app that everyone loves using because of its practical application and ease of use and we understand that the beta testers will help us achieve this. Once you have been accepted as a Beta Tester, you will be participating in various testing sprints and your contribution to the testing processes will be rewarded with up to:

40 HAT per week for Basic Testers
75 HAT per week for Advanced Testers

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